2017 Calendar

December: Holiday Party

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January: Linda Garthaffner: A Taste of Tangling
There is no end to the creative ideas for paper,wood, or fabric. Tangling is fun and relaxing. Try your hand if you like or just sit and        listen. On paper: bring paper and pencil; On wood: bring wood and a pencil; On fabric: bring a piece of solid cotton and a fabric marker such as Fabrico markers or Identipen from Sadukco (I Have some for sale,if you want one)
THEN: Let your imagination soar and see what you create. Tangling is fun and relaxing. No rules- no stress. No mistakes- no stress. It is easy to be creative when you realize you are an Original.
February: Stephanie Edmondson: Disappearing Quilt Blocks
Stephanie will provide a demonstration of quilt blocks from Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilts.  They include the disappearing 4-patch, disappearing 9-patch, disappearing pinwheel, and disappearing hourglass, as well as some new variations of some of them. The blocks are easy and fun to make and look way more complicated than they are!
March: Joyce Barry: Flatlocking – Your Sergers Red-Headed Stepchild
Of all the stitches that a 4-thread serger can do, the 2 and 3-thread flatlock stitch is usually the one least used. And it’s a good bet that you may never have used this stitch at all. But the flatlock stitch is worth learning due to its versatile abilities. It can be used for with construction or for adding a decorative touch. Come be inspired by what the flatlock stitch can do for you. And get some great tips for getting started!